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Tim Noble and Sue Webster Shadow Art

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are two artists based in England. I love their installations, in which they assembly piles of rubbish to obtain surprising shadows. Look at the image above: their creation is apparently chaotic and senseless, nothing more than a piece of junk. But it only needs to be enlightened  in the correct way to project on the wall its amazing true-meaning. Nothing is as it appears to be.

If you type on google search box “Tim Noble and Sue Webster”, you’ll discover more about their art. Their installations are usually made of piles of rubbish collected from London streets. A light is projected against the pile and in this way appear their true art: the shadow, which creates on the wall an entirely different image, typically one of the couple themselves.

On Youtube I found an interesting video about the 20 Modern Classics event. Here you can read an abstract of the Youtube description:

For their first solo exhibition in Russia, British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster have produced a stunning collection of work that best reflects their ongoing fascination with silhouettes and self-analysis.

Here you can find the video. Play it to discover some of their works.

Their works are collected by Charles Saatchi. Selected works, biographies, previous and future exhibitions can be found on the Saatchi Gallery web page dedicated to Noble and Webster.

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